Rewind on the Associates’ career paths throughout the various organizations

  • 1989 At the age of 30, Robert Jodoin establishes an Engineering Consultancy business, specialized in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries
  • 1995 Pierre Cloutier joins the company
  • 1996 The partnership with Sypamo begins
  • 1997 Major material handling project of canned sardines with Brunswick (Connors Bros) 
  • 1998 Founding of Axium automation
  • 1999 First flat cardboard depalletizing project with Kraft, and major depalletizing project with Imperial Tobacco
  • 2000 Beginning of the component assembling activities on gas tank reservoirs with ABB
  • 2004 Major material handling project with Styrofoam trays with Plastiques Cascades
  • 2006 First version of the Complete Row Depalletizing Solution and winner of the ESTIM prize
  • 2007 Major palletizing and packaging project with Kimberly Clark in Mexico
  • 2008 Supply of fuel tank assembly lines for Vitec and winner of the ESTIM prize
  • 2009 Creation of Emergik, recruitment firm for Technical personnel
  • 2010 Acquisition of Enico, automation firm and beginning of case packing and palletizing activities with Johnson & Johnson
  • 2011 Acquisition of  SPG
  • 2012 Major centralized palletizing project with Proctor & Gamble 
  • 2013 First depalletizing project of case units and of mixed palettization with Symbotic
  • 2014 à 2016 Sale of Axium to C&S Grocers and procurement of warehouse solutions for Sysco foods, Coke, Giant Tiger, Walmart, C & S Grocers and Albertson
  • 2017 NūMove begins its operations